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PERFECT CREATION From your design to reality Find out more STRENGHT AND PRECISION Highest accuracy
for your ideas
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Brandellero Meccanica is a young and dynamic company which offer services in counselling, planning and production in metalworker sector.

The activity is conduct in a  facility of 1200 sm covered and 2000 sm uncovered. We are able to manufacture, on the base of your projects, mechanical components in

  • steel
  • aluminium
  • copper
  • bronze
  • brass
  • plastic materials

We can provide counselling to planning guaranteed by many years of productive activity in this sector.

Thanks to indipendence of production and design we can follow our customers from the idea to delivery of products finished in competitive times.

The company can guarantee products’ quality and certification supplying test certificated obtained on a CNC tridimensional machine.

Quality control and certifications

As to provide constant production improvements Brandellero SRL adopted a quality control system to upgrade its production procedures, as to:

  • rationalize management
  • growth and expansion control
  • strenghtening of corporate image






Brandellero Meccanica production makes use of technologically advanced machinery that guarantees flexibility in the realization of deliveries, speed of execution, high precision to guarantee its customers fast deliveries, and without unnecessary waste of material and money.

The recent acquisition of a 5-axis milling machine has projected the production quality of Brandellero SRL towards excellence never achieved in the past: the incredible operational flexibility of this powerful and advanced production machine allows to face mechanical processing that was previously impossible, making use of of excellent quality materials including aluminum alloys of exceptional versatility and heat resistance and developed for aerospace projects where the stresses on materials are extreme.


Brandellero’s machinery and experience cover a wide range of technical possibilities made possible by the use of technologically advanced operating machines.

The main areas of processing, carried out on an extremely wide range of raw materials, are divided into 4 main branches:

  1. 5-axis milling
  2. 4-axis milling
  3. 3-axis milling
  4. Bodies for diamond tools

General mechanics

Bodies for diamond tools

Contact us

Via A. Volta, 11 – 37067 Valeggio Sul Mincio (VR)

Tel. +39 045-7950021

Fax: +39 045-6371207

Email: info@brandellero.com

P.IVA: 04449240235

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